7 Must-Read Comics for the Week (December 30, 2010)

Here’s my top pick comics list for this week. This is my last set of comicbook reviews for 2010. I’m looking forward to more exciting titles in 2011. In addition, I’m also fired up with the prospect of cheaper comics prices next year. Overall, this year has been a good year for fans and readers.

In this week’s list, I have two Batman titles. Alan Moore’s Neonomicon also made it, although I have to tell you that this one is definitely not for young readers. And finally, there’s a new SHIELD issue. Hooray!

Here are the 7 comic books in my top pick comics list for this week:

1. Alan Moore Neonomicon #3
2. Detective Comics #872
3. Batman The Dark Knight #1
4. SHIELD #5
5. Ultimate Comics Thor #3
6. Green Lantern #61
7. Flash #8

For your comments about my top pick comics, please feel free to add them below and they will be deeply appreciated. In the meantime, I’ll be preparing for the New Year’s celebration. Have a great new year ahead everyone.

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