4 Must-Read Comics for the Week (January 6, 2011)

Here’s my top pick comics list for the week. I must admit the start of January 2011 was a bit slow. The harsh weather condition in the US has yet again caused delays in comic book deliveries. Overall, I’m still lucky because a couple of my favorite tiles came out this week.

Full action in Iron Man Thor #3. iZombie #9 turns into a love story, without the usual cheesiness. Great artwork in Brightest Day #17. And lastly, Ozma of Oz #3 brings Dorothy closer to her friends from Oz.

Here are the 4 comic books in my top pick comics list for this week:

1. iZombie #9 – Playing Games
2. Iron Man Thor #3 – God Complex, Chapter Three
3. Brightest Day #17 – Homecoming
4. Ozma of Oz #3

For your comments about my top pick comics, please feel free to add them below and they will be deeply appreciated.

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