Comic Book Review – Action Comics #895: The Black Ring

As Lex Luthor goes on a quest to find the remaining traces of Black Lantern energy, he’s bound to meet some very formidable obstacles along the way. But for the third time in the Action Comics series, he has proven that he can outgun, outman, and outwit anyone who crosses his path. First, he foiled an assassination attempt by Deathstroke. Next, he thwarted Grodd from turning him into a Lex Meatball. Finally, Luthor eluded Death herself.

Cover Art for Action Comics #895

So, it’s just natural for the world’s smartest criminal mastermind to finally take a break and let things hang loose back in Metropolis. Alas, there’s no rest for the wicked. A new thorn on Luthor’s side pops up in the form of Vandal Savage, who’s bent on preventing Luthor’s plan of harnessing the energy from the Black Lanterns. Why? Well, it’s because Luthor’s scheme can only materialize with the use of the Black Lantern energy domes which, in turn, are held by Savage in preparation for some kind of ancient prophecy. This latest confrontation forces Luthor to enlist the services of the Secret Six. And we’ll soon find out if it’s going to be another smart idea from LL.

The absence of Superman in Action Comics started in issue #890 and will last all the way through #899. But I tell you, I do not miss Supes at all. Writer Paul Cornell has given fans of the comic book series a lot to look forward to, most important of which is the amazing scripts between Luthor and his DC villain contemporaries. The artwork by Peter Wood is also worth mentioning. The detailed expressions on both Luthor and Savage are simply amazing.

Lastly, let’s not forget about the co-feature story where we find Jimmy Olsen preventing a cruel bunch of aliens from turning Earth into a bloodsoaked party venue. The plan involves turning Metropolis into a boring city in the hope that the aliens would see the entire planet as an uninteresting place and, thus, a total waste of time for them. Well, only Jimmy Olsen can do it with just a bow tie on his neck.