Comic Book Review: iZombie #10 – Next of Kin

Cover Art for iZombie #10

Story: Chris Roberson
Art: Michael Allred
Colors: Laura Allred
Letters: Todd Klein

In a Nutshell

It doesn’t take long for this American comicbook series to turn in a new issue. It seems only yesterday I was reading iZombie #9. Now, I have in my hands iZombie #10 where my favorite zombie Gwen pays a visit to the University of Oregon where she once came too close to earning her BFA degree. Gwen’s mission: to talk to her childhood friend Tricia Nakagawa. But this is no ordinary social call. On top of being a friend, Tricia is the daughter of the dead woman whose brain became Gwen’s latest meal ticket. So, needless to say, someone else is pulling the strings at the back of Gwen’s mind.

Meanwhile, Ellie the ghost pulls a prank on Scott the were-terrier. Ellie takes over the body of a fat middle-aged man who then asks a kiss from Scott. Ellie learned this trick from Amon.

On a more sinister note, the vampire vixens have captured and tortured Diogenes. And Galatea and her assistant Claire are preparing something that can only be described as, well, beastly.

What's Cool

  • Big revelations about Gwen in iZombie #10. The world’s hottest zombie apparently has a lot of stories to tell, and some of them she doesn’t even know yet.
  • Issue after issue, iZombie offers vivid color work on every page.
  • Witty lines from characters.
  • I love it when Gwen’s face becomes all twisted whenever the memory from the latest brain she’s eaten interrupts her own consciousness. In this issue, she experiences such interruption twice.

What's Crap

  • Despite the new revelations about Gwen in this comicbook, I feel that all the subplots have been left hanging. Nothing has been resolved in this issue.

The Bottom Line

As one of the freshest American comicbook series in the market, iZombie continues to impress a lot of comic book fans. Even if this issue has, for me, achieved nothing but dangle all the new information about the characters, I think I will continue to stick around. The things that were left hanging only serve to tickle my eagerness to wait for issue #11.