Batman: Arkham City Teaser Released

Batman: Arkham City video game trailer gets Dark Knight fans all stirred up. On top of the big reveal of Hugo Strange as one of the main villains, the trailer boasts of phenomenal animation. No offense Christian Bale, but I like this Batman more (played by longtime Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy). The much awaited second part of the 2009 hit action stealth video game Batman: Arkham Asylum will once again require the player to covertly navigate through the darkness of Arkham City to complete primary and secondary objectives like evading the bad guys or avoiding detection. The game has single player and multi-player capabilities.

Batman: Arkham City will be available for Xbox 360, PlayStation3 and Microsoft Windows. Published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Comics, the video game has been developed by Rocksteady Studios and is expected to be released in late 2011.