Comic Book Review: Justice League Generation Lost #19 – And the Lord Taketh Away

Cover Art for Justice League Generation Lost #19

Story: Judd Winick
Pencils: Fernando Dagnino
Inks: Raul Fernandez
Colors: Hi-Fi

In a Nutshell

In this issue of Justice League Generation Lost, we find Jaime Reyes in a flashback scene where he talks with his two best friends about the history and abilities of the Blue Beetle. In reality, Jaime is tied up in some secret laboratory that lies 2,000 feet under the Sea of Japan where Maxwell Lord and Doctor Ivo are trying to wrest control of the blue scarab and take Blue Beetle’s powers. In these scenes too, Max reveals that he used the Justice League International to get inside Checkmate, that everything that has happened in the past 18 issues were all part of a plan. But unknown to his captors, Jaime and his suit are planning a breakout by sending a distress signal to the JLI.

While the rest of the Justice League International are en route to rescue Jaime, the Blue Beetle frees himself, catches Max Lord by surprise and blasts him through a wall. At first it would seem that Jaime no longer needed rescuing, but Max Lord knows which buttons to press. And in an instant, the Blue Beetle is no more.

What's Cool

  • The Blue Beetle gets a lot of action scenes in this comicbook, he deserves it.
  • Jaime is finally able to control the full power of his alien space suit, allowing him to come up with various weapons.
  • Have you ever seen Maxwell Lord feel threatened lately? If not, get this issue.
  • Artist Fernando Dagnino creates amazing action scenes in this book. The rendering of Blue Beetle’s armor is simply electrifying. Overall art is full of energy.
  • The most shocking part of this comic book is the death of the Blue Beetle. Just like the two previous incarnations of the Blue Beetle, have we seen the last of Jaime Reyes?

What's Crap

  • For me, it’s just frustrating to see the spoiler for this issue right on the cover art. But I guess, it’s not every day that we see comicbook covers to actually relate to the story inside.
  • I can’t help but wonder why Doctor Ivo has suddenly become green and scaly.

The Bottom Line

This issue reveals how Maxwell Lord masterfully played his cards to penetrate Checkmate, all thanks to the JLI. Despite the fact that he has returned only after the Blackest Night saga, Max Lord has already brought down and gained full control of Checkmate. Generation Lost #19 gives readers some clues as to Max Lord’s ultimate plan. But the biggest shock in this comicbook is Blue Beetle’s demise. And DC Comics did it without much fanfare.

Comic Book Review – Justice League Generation Lost #14: Tomorrow is Today

If you’re a fan of Captain Atom, then this issue is definitely for you. After that incident with Magog last time, Nate Adam is once again (first time was in issue #6) hurled into the 24th century, in an alternate reality where a handful of new and old Justice Leaguers are waging a desperate war against the OMACs. Captain Atom has no choice but to join the other heroes in that time in a last ditch effort to destroy the OMAC moon base, which used to be Max Lord’s base of operation.

Cover Art for Justice League Generation Lost #14

Again, this very powerful superhero from DC Universe is given the opportunity to help save humanity and correct the things that have gone and will go wrong in the future. Question is, will he pull through? One thing is for sure, Captain Atom’s sub-plot is one of the strongest points in the Generation Lost series.

Writer Judd Winick pushes the storyline forward in each installment. The main characters have been brilliantly developed. And to me, that’s an important part of a good story. Aaron Lopresti and Matt Ryan provide the amazing artwork. I’m really impressed by the smooth clean lines and the fresh look of some of the classic characters in the DC Universe.