Comic Book Review – Astonishing Thor #1

Just like any other opening issue for a comic book mini-series, Astonishing Thor has little excitement to offer. Except for the fact that the main characters are being laid down on the table, there are few things that fans can look forward to in any opening chapter. But even if this issue has little to offer to stir up fans, it still made my weekly comic book pull up list because of its amazing, eye-popping art by Mike Choi.

Cover Art for Astonishing Thor #1

Again, many fans will find this issue to be a bit dull, storywise. Even the character development is weak. My main complaint is the part where Heimdall blurts out the word hyperspace. I mean, Asgardians surely have a more archaic term for hyperspace, right? Or did their stay in Oklahoma, during and after the Siege, also defiled their tongues?

At any rate, I’m looking forward to a more exciting second issue. With Thor finally bumping into the living planet called Ego and its creator known as The Stranger, a climactic battle is just around the corner.