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Weekly Comic Book Review (Nov. 11): Comic Book Guy Saga Ends, Return of Bruce Wayne Finale

This week, many of my favorite titles came out on the same day. Two epic endings for Comic Book Guy Saga and Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne. American Vampire dishes out another thrilling issue. Plus, Thor titles and new Victorian Undead arc.
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Fanboyninja Weekly Comics Review (Sept. 8): God of Thunder and The Dark Knight

This is the final issue on Kieron Gillen’s run on Thor. We find the God of Thunder finally drawing out the sword Eir-Gram, the only weapon that can defeat the Disir, the evil shield maidens cursed by Odin. Meanwhile, Fortress Hela and God of War Tyr are running out of time defending the souls of the Asgardian dead. Towards the end, Thor also discovers something about Kelda.
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