Comic Book Review: Time Masters Vanishing Point #6 – Passageway

Cover Art for Time Masters Vanishing Point #6

Story and Art: Dan Jurgens
Finished Art: Norm Rapmund
Colors: Hi-Fi Designs

In a Nutshell

Time Masters Vanishing Point, a limited series from DC Comics, has come to an end. The storyline basically relates what Hal Jordan, Superman, Rip Hunter and Booster Gold and Skeets were doing to find Batman who, thanks to Darkseid, was hurled into different timelines.

This finale issue offers a couple of surprises. One, the Reverse Flash suddenly appears. Apparently, he’s also looking for Bruce Wayne so he can take advantage of the Omega energy that sent the Dark Knight into several eras in the past. Two, this issue heralds Supernova’s comeback and introduces a new character along the way. Lastly, this issue reveals what happens to the Black Beetle, who has been a constant menace to both Booster Gold and Rip Hunter.

What's Cool

  • Comicbook readers who love suspense will have a field day here in Time Masters Vanishing Point #6. In the last page, a number of gripping occurrences or events in time are supposed to happen, as written on Rip Hunter’s chalkboard. These events involve many of the most popular characters in the DCU. Clearly, someone has messed up the timeline…again!
  • The artwork by Dan Jurgens for the entire series has been remarkable and inspiring. It’s one of the reasons why I saw the series through to the end.
  • Apart from Jurgens, the color work done by Hi-Fi is also impressive. The vividness provides a perfect backdrop for the storyline.
  • The series effectively sets up the stage for Flashpoint, billed as the next big event from DC Comics.

What's Crap

  • As a Batman fan, I was quite disappointed with the seemingly small part that the Dark Knight played in the entire series.
  • I am particularly upset because this limited series was supposed to be a tie-in to Batman’s return. Well, not only did it show Bruce Wayne in bit parts, but the series extended well after Batman has already returned.

The Bottom Line

If you look at the series only as a part of the bigger picture, that of Batman’s return, you will surely think that all six issues are trite and downright unnecessary, that they would have been more appropriate as part of Booster Gold’s own series rather than as standalone. But I enjoyed reading Time Masters Vanishing Point because it uses a classic comicbook formula. You know, a healthy dose of good guys fighting bad guys, with the heroes ultimately and against all odds attaining their objectives. And for me, that’s the biggest reason why I love comics. So see you in Flashpoint.