Comic Book Review: Thor for Asgard #6 – Asgard Conclusion

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Cover Art for Thor for Asgard #6

Story: Robert Rodi
Art: Simone Bianchi
Inks: Simone Bianchi and Andrea Silvestri

In a Nutshell

Thor for Asgard #6 is a downer. The problem with this issue is its failure to work out the problems that have beset Asgard right from the beginning of the series. This is supposed to be the finale, but the Asgardians are still beleaguered and about to suffer Ragnarök. We started this storyline with the Aesir facing the biggest threat of their lives and, six issues later, they are in a far worse predicament. Odin is still lost in his quests while Balder is dead and Thor can’t seem to do anything concrete about Asgard’s troubles.

What's Cool

  • If there was one thing that changed in Thor, it was his newfound power to inspire his fellow Asgardians, particularly those who were already in Valhalla. Thor’s death and resurrection has given hope and revitalized the tenacity among the citizens of Asgard.
  • Art by Simone Bianchi is one of the reasons why I kept coming back for each issue of Thor for Asgard. His work evokes a larger-than-life feeling that befits Asgardian gods.
  • The scene in the last page of the comicbook, where at last Thor held his hammer Mjolnir, is a classic. The Thor fan in me can’t help but shed a tear.

What's Crap

  • As the finale, this issue reconciled nothing. Unless they come up with a follow-up mini-series, Thor for Asgard is nothing more than a dangling storyline.

The Bottom Line

This series gives readers a glimpse of Thor as Lord of Asgard. For the longest time, Odin has been the top honcho until Balder took over. But this time, it’s Thor’s turn. In the beginning, he felt that he was not capable of being Asgard’s king. In fact, he refused to take hold of his powerful hammer. But along the way, Thor learned to accept his destiny – that of being Asgard’s leader, as shown by his readiness to lift Mjolnir once again.

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