The Walking Dead (TV Series) Premieres in Asia on November 5th

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We’ve all heard how The Walking Dead (TV series) invaded the US when it premiered last October 31. The 90-minute pilot episode overswarmed 5.3 million viewers on Halloween night, which is definitely a record for AMC Network, the cable channel that airs the series in the US. Frank Darabont is at the helm as series writer and director.

For many fans of the reanimated corpse genre, this highly-acclaimed AMC series is a sign that zombies are breaking out and finally catching up with bloodsuckers and werewolves in making their presence felt in mainstream media and also in sinking their teeth into our wallets.

The Walking Dead Compendium One

As early as now, the entire series is getting rave reviews primarily due to the realistic cinematic effects that puts viewers right in the middle of zombieland—minus the smell of course. But let’s not forget that The Walking Dead started out in comic book format from Image Comics, created by Robert Kirkman with art by Tony Moore and later on by Charlie Adlard. In 2010, it won the Eisner Award for Best Continuing Series.

The epic mythos of the comics series stems from the in-depth storytelling and the well-(and often slowly)-developed characters that just about anyone who’s still living and breathing can relate to. Comic book readers saw how apocalyptic events can change one’s personality. The story revolves around former police officer Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln in the television series), his family and other fellow survivors who all have to fight and be on their toes everyday just to survive. For me, the story is all about the essential facts of life that most of us in the here and now have taken for granted or forgotten altogether.

The good news is that at 11:00 pm on November 5th (that’s tonight), our anticipation for this comic-to-television series reaches its climax as The Walking Dead (TV series) premieres in Asia on Fox. Indeed, now is a good time not only for comic book fans, but also for the dead… just don’t put glitters all over your body.

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6 thoughts on “The Walking Dead (TV Series) Premieres in Asia on November 5th

  1. I think the premiere will be shown on all Fox channels in Asia like FX, Fox, Channel V and Star World. I watched it earlier on Fox. Thanks.

  2. Hi Yui,

    Walking Dead fans will have to wait until Fall of 2011 (that’s around October) for the second season of this highly-acclaimed TV series. If you’re in Asia, I guess we have to wait a little longer than that, usually a few weeks after the US premier.

    Thanks very much,

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