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“Ninjas aren’t born. They’re made!”

FanboyninjaFanboyninja.com is about my love for comics, graphic novels, collectible toys, and other curious objects under the pop culture sun. It all started when I was a young kid growing up in a small town and a cousin from the city would send me some worn-out comic books from his own collection to help me deal with the ordeals of provincial existence. Back then, little did I know that the seeds of fandom were being planted in my brain.

In college and during the early days of my corporate gallivanting, my geeky side went pfft as I became overwhelmed with Accountancy gobbledygook. But, as fate would have it, a career shift in web copywriting had me working at the Castle Grayskull of smart folks who unintentionally recharged my passion for geek-related stuff. And before I can even say Excelsior!, I realized the little fanboy inside me has grown into a full-fledged pop culture hobbyist.

Every Wednesday, you will find me spending half my week’s pay on comics and other cool stuff. This has resulted in an extensive collection of Green Lantern, Batman, Mighty Thor, and Boba Fett merchandise. If I’m lucky and there’s a new geeky movie showing, I get to watch it on either a Friday or Saturday with My Preciousss. For days that weren’t mentioned, I contemplate on what’s life like being a zombie or Darth Vader.

The Ninja allegory sprouts from the fact that practicing pop culture as new religion demands great skills that are often mysterious by nature. I have no training whatsoever in mortal combat… and I don’t live in my parents’ basement.

My name is Bart Barandon and I’m Fanboyninja.

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